ASCL Article on Twitter

For those who missed my ASCL article in Leadership magazine entitled A little bird told me…” it is here along with a load of excellent holiday reading material from many other authors.


OFSTED 2014 July Updates

OFSTED as usual are seemingly busy moving goal posts while we are all off trying to recuperate.  Putting my cynical humour aside though, it is nice to see the subsidiary guidance subsumed into the handbook and what would appear to be a reduction in the amount of core texts that senior leaders need to be concerned about.  There are new documents including

The School Inspection Handbook July 2014 which is bigger than before since it now incorporates the guidance previously found in the Subsidiary Guidance document.  Heather Leatt has done a fantastic job of highlighting all the changes on her website here and the document is here.

The Framework for School Inspection which I have analysed and highlighted and significant changes or revisions here.

Inspecting safeguarding in maintained schools and academies – a briefing for section 5 inspections